Most companies know that the happier their employees are at work, the more effective and efficient they are. Yet, if your company is similar to most, you often sponsor the same activities again and again. You have held parties. You have gone to karaoke. You have had a picnic. Why not mix it up a little and let Top Chef give your employees the experience they have earned? We offer:

Team Cooking Activities!
Your staff will watch our professional chef create a culinary masterpiece.
After a demonstration, their skills will be put to the test as they try and make their own creations.
Finally, it will be time for a meal and conversation among friends. No matter which package you chose, the morale of your team will surely be improved through:
• Working together to acquire new cookery skills and knowledge
• Reducing work stress and personal conflicts
• Strengthening relationships between peers
Please have a look on the following suggestions.

Optimized-_MG_5849 Team Cooking Activity

Sweet dishes
Price: from 200,000- 300,000 VND/ pax (VAT is excluded)
(Choose one of the following dishes)
– Cream Caramel
– Cookies
– Cupcake
– Fruit Cake
– Roll Cake
– Creme Brulee Sago
– Apple Crumble
– Almond Tart
– Marble Cake
– Chocolate Truffle
– Carrot Cake
– Fruit Tart
– Chocolate Mud Cake
– And other cake based on order
Savory dishes
Price: start from 250,000 VND/pax (VAT is excluded)
– Variety of Pizza
– International dishes from 18 countries (choose any dish from our menu)
– Vietnamese dishes (choose any dish from our menu)
Expected number of attendants: 10-30 people (2-5 people per group)
Price includes:
• State of the art equipment and professional facilities
• Certified chef as an activity leader
• Refreshment drinks (water and tea)
• Printed recipes for everyone to bring home
• All ingredients
Please contact Top Chef for more details


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